• Repair or Replace? Three Common Boiler Issues

    13 October 2015

    Boilers heat the water that fuels your central radiant heating. They can last many years with proper care, but eventually you may need to consider a replacement. The following are three common issues that may mean it's time for a minor repair or a whole new boiler installation. Issue #1: Rust Boilers come in two main varieties—open systems and cold loops. Open systems have new water passing through each cycle, which can introduce oxygen into the system.

  • Four Tips To Help You Save Money When You Need A Roof Replacement

    29 September 2015

    Asphalt shingles have a shorter lifespan than many other roofing materials. This means that they will eventually need to be replaced. When you need to have your roof replaced, it can include many extras, such as tearing off old shingles and repairing wood. Here are some tips to help you keep the cost of your roof replacement down: 1. Tearing Off Your Own Shingles To reduce the cost replacing your shingles, you can do the tear-off yourself.

  • Upgrades to Make While Replacing a Roof

    9 September 2015

    The roof is a very important part of any home. A faulty roof can drive up energy costs, lead to water damage, and even cause damage to electrical and plumbing systems. This is why roof repair and roof replacement are very important. The average lifespan of a roof is dependent on the climate and the roof material used. Shingle roofing can last for up to 25 years while slate and tile roofing can last up to 50 years.

  • 3 Tips For Beginners Attempting To Sell Scrap Metal

    21 August 2015

    Many people hear there's money out there in the form of junk scrap metal. So they start collecting it and bringing it to recycling centers and scrap metal yards…and walk away with a couple of dollars. There's money in scrap metal, but you have to go about the process properly. Here's what you need to know. 1. Always Think Bigger and Look for More Metal Scrapping takes effort. If you want to really make money, you will have to put in work.

  • Top 7 Signs That It's Time To Clean Your Gutters

    6 August 2015

    If you've always thought about gutter cleaning as a seasonal job to be put off until the next season, it might be time to think again. Gutters protect the roof by keeping it dry, and they protect the foundation by carrying water away from the house. They also help eliminate breeding places for mold and pests. Here are seven ways to tell if ignoring your gutters could be damaging your home.