Protecting Vinyl Siding Against Premature Wear

Justin Ross

If you have had or are about to have vinyl siding placed upon your home, you want it to look its best for as long as possible. There are steps to take as preventative measures to help vinyl siding pieces retain their original appearance.

Clean Your Home's Siding Regularly

To keep vinyl looking just as good as it did on the day it was installed, clean pieces according to a routine schedule. Vinyl tends to become discolored if debris that lands on it is excessive. To remove dust, you can place a t-shirt over the bristles of a broom and secure it into place with a rubber band. Gently sweep the shirt over each vinyl plank to remove dirt buildup. To get to the top portion of your home, you need a ladder to conduct the job. After the dust is removed, spots that are discolored are easier to see. These show up due to uneven fading of planks because of sun and shade conditions. Use a power washer to remove dirt from planks with ease.

Avoid Using Heat Near Vinyl Siding

Vinyl burns if it comes into contact with flame. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance to avoid having a fire too close to your home. If you intend on grilling outdoors, it is best to perform the action away from the house if possible. Place your grill upon a patio or in your driveway rather than keeping it on a deck or on the side of your home. Keep your vehicle's exhaust piping away from the side of your home so it does not heat siding pieces when you start it and leave it idling for any length of time.

Get Routine Checks Conducted

To keep vinyl siding at its absolute best, consider hiring a siding company to come to your home to inspect existing pieces regularly. If there are pieces of siding with cracks in them, they can be replaced to improve the overall condition of your home's appearance. If you noticed pieces starting to pull away from your home, small brackets can be installed to keep them in place in the future. A siding contractor is also available to assist with color or brand choice, making it easy for you to switch up the appearance of your home with the installation of new pieces whenever you decide you are ready for a change.

Contact a vinyl siding company for more information.