The Ultimate Guide To Basement Drainage And Exterior Waterproofing To Permanently Keep The Water Out Of Your Home

Justin Ross

If you have a finished basement that you are constantly having to repair and remodel due to the waterproofing failing, you may be looking for a permanent solution. Today, there are combinations of drainage and exterior waterproofing systems that will put an end to your basement water problems for good. The following drainage and waterproofing guide will help you permanently solve the water problems in your basement.

Start With The Drainage Upgrades And Home Improvements That Will Help Keep The Water Out Of The Basement

The drainage is one of the first areas where you will want to invest in repairs and improvements. Better landscaping watershed and drainage systems can do a lot to help keep the water out of your finished basement. In addition, you will want to consider home improvements and hardscaping installations that help keep the water away from your foundation.

Upgrading The Foundation Drain Tiles With A Modern System That Is Connected To The Basement Sump Pump Well

The drain tiles on the exterior of your home can also be damaged and cause a lot of the problems with water getting into your home. Therefore, one of the upgrades that you will want to invest in is the foundation drainage system. These drainage systems can include interior drainage that is connected to the sump pump well to remove water that does get into the basement.

Long-Lasting Basement Foundation Repairs And Interior Sealants To Help Keep The Moisture Out Of Your Home

When you are updating the foundation with better drainage and waterproofing solutions, there are also going to be some repairs that need to be done. When you invest in long-lasting foundation repairs, you want to ensure that they last. Therefore, you may also want to have a coat of sealant applied to the interior of your foundation walls to ensure repairs hold up and help keep the moisture out of your home.

Exterior Foundation Waterproofing Systems That Do A Better Job Of Keeping Water Out And Preventing Structural Damage

There are also repairs that need to be done to the exterior of your home. These repairs include updating the exterior waterproofing. You will want to make sure that the repairs and upgrades to exterior waterproofing include modern solutions to help reduce the static water pressure that causes structural damage.

These are some of the different solutions that when combined, will help provide your basement with a more permanent waterproofing solution. If you are ready to start updating the waterproofing in your basement to end water damage, contact an exterior waterproofing service and talk to them about these solutions for your home.