3 Things To Check Before Hiring A Commercial Plumber

Justin Ross

Do you own the building where your business is located? Are you the owner of one or more buildings that house various businesses? If you're relatively new to owning commercial real estate, you're probably still getting the hang of everything that needs to be done to maintain the property. Although not terribly difficult, there are still some things that can get overlooked. One of these things is the plumbing system. Although sometimes overlooked, the plumbing system is extremely important to the building as a whole. In order to make sure that you've gotten the right person for the job, here are some things that you need to check before hiring anyone.

Plumbing business type: There are several different types of plumbers and plumbing businesses. Some may only tackle emergency jobs, others deal mainly with sprinkler systems outside, and so on. When looking for a plumber for your building or buildings, you need to make sure that the business in question specifically says that they do commercial plumbing. Although there are many similarities between residential and commercial plumbing jobs, commercial ones tend to be larger in scope and need to be handled in a different timeline than residential jobs. A plumber who mainly does residential work may not be able to handle this difference. 

Experience in field: So, you've found someone who says that their business can handle commercial plumbing jobs but now what? Now you need to check to see how much experience they have. While everyone needs to start somewhere, you may not want to hire a business that is only a few years old unless they're offering a substantial discount. Even then, too much of a discount can be a sign of sub-standard work that you'll have to pay to have re-fixed again in the future. Before hiring anyone, make sure that they have sufficient experience.

Quotes of typical pricing: If you're just shopping around right now, you're still going to want to get some quotes for various commercial plumbing services that you might need in the future. For instance, find out how much it typically costs to have a clogged toilet fixed, to have your HVAC unit taken care of, and so forth. While you don't want to go with the company with the highest all-around rates, it may make sense to choose a few higher rates but with lower rates on things that you may need to have taken care of on a more regular basis.

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