Three Electrical Problems That Can Increase Your Electricity Bills

Justin Ross

Your electrical bills are a constant expense that you will never be able to completely eliminate. High electrical bills are concerning for two reasons: they can indicate electrical or appliance issues within your home, which can cause other complications down the road, and they can also represent a financial burden. If you have found that your monthly utility payments have increased significantly and suddenly without a major change in your appliance or electrical use in your home, there are a few steps that you can take to reduce your monthly energy consumption in the long run.

Old Appliances

One of the leading reasons behind higher electrical bills is older appliances that are no longer able to keep up with the normal demands of their functions. Older appliances are much more likely to be wasteful with energy, and if they have broken components, such as thermostats, timers, heating elements, and the like, they may be operating improperly and consuming even more energy than they would otherwise. Replacing these appliances with more modern models (especially if you choose energy-efficient ones) can help cut down on your electricity bills and likely get better results out of your appliances at the same time.

No Empty Outlets

If you have a plug placed in every outlet in your home, regardless of if the appliance, charger or other electrical device is on or not, it will draw a small amount of power at all times of the day. While this may be small, removing chargers and lights that are sitting idle in outlets that you never use can shave dollars consistently off of your electricity bills. Furthermore, a lack of available outlets points to two potential electrical issues: your wiring is likely out of date and is not able to meet all of your electrical needs and you are likely overloading your existing system by having multiple things plugged in at once. Consider talking to an electrician about inspecting your system and seeing if upgrading your wiring is something you should consider to avoid further electrical issues.

Damaged Wiring

Finally, the last reason why you may be seeing higher electricity bills is because of old and damaged wiring. Damaged wiring can slowly leak electricity, which also increases the risk of electrical damage or fires developing around your affected outlets. If you notice a constant humming coming from behind your walls, your outlets have dark marks around them, or light switches are hot to the touch, you should talk to an electrician about having your wiring inspected and replaced if necessary.

For more information, seek out residential electrician services in your area.