Waking Up To No Water? Check For These Possible Problems With Your Well Pump

Justin Ross

In thousands of American households, no day really gets going without a shower and a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Because of this ingrained behavior, waking to find that the faucets are not providing that comforting gush of water can be almost physically painful. If this has happened in your home this morning and you are becoming increasingly desperate for the soothing spray of your shower and the comforting aroma of percolating coffee, here are some possible problems that may be causing your water outage. 

Is power still available to the well pump? 

One of the first things to consider whenever your water well system fails to operate correctly is the possibility that it may have lost power. This can happen for a number of reasons, including: 

  • power surge interrupting the circuit breaker in your electrical panel
  • a family member accidentally switching off the well circuit in the electrical panel
  • the electrical wire that connects the well pump to the source of electricity becoming damaged

The first reaction when finding that your home's faucets are not providing water should be to check the electrical panel to ensure that power to the well pump is still on. If you find the breaker in the correct position, damage to the wire or pump is a strong possibility. Well pumps are also frequently damaged by lightning strikes in the area. When this happens, the pump itself often must be pulled from the well casing and replaced. 

Can you hear pump sounds? 

The next thing to do in trying to determine why you are unable to get water from your home's faucets is to listen to any sounds emanating from the well pump. If your pump, pressure tank, and electrical controls are located outside the perimeter of the home, you will need to go inside or stand very near to the pump house and listen. Sounds that indicate that the pump is clicking on and off can indicate that the pump is still working but a problem has developed between the pump and the house. 

If you hear sounds that indicate the pump is running normally, while also seeing or hearing evidence of running water, the problem may be that the water line that carries the water from the pump to the home may have broken. 

In any case, if you find that the problem with your well pump is more serious than resetting the electrical breaker, it is a good idea to shut off the electrical breaker that powers the pump and call on a water well pump repair service like Coast Water Well Service Inc for an emergency repair. These experts have the tools, equipment, and training to safely repair or replace your well pump and components so that water is more quickly restored to your home.