What Plumbers And Cooling Services Have In Common

Justin Ross

At first glance, you are probably wondering what the point is to pointing out that plumbers have something in common with cooling services. After all, plumbers do not have anything in common with cooling services—or do they? Unless you know enough about what plumbers do beyond fixing toilets and sinks, you might be thinking there is no connection here. Yet, you forget that plumbers handle more than just toilets and sinks and much more than just residential plumbing needs. Plumbers like those with Bishop Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, Inc. can handle all of the following, with which they share common ground.

​Commercial Freezers and Refrigerators

Commercial freezers and refrigerators have plumbing that delivers water to their interiors so that these massive appliances can freeze that water and provide an almost impenetrable block of ice around all of the food inside. Without this effect and the plumber's ability to hook up these appliances, restaurants would either be serving rotten food or have nothing to serve at all and have to shut down. 

Misting Sprinklers in the Produce Section of Your Supermarket

If you walk into a grocery store very early in the morning, you will spot a mist being sprayed all over the fresh produce. No, it is not an anti-fly chemical. It is just water, to help fruits and vegetables maintain a look of freshness and not dry out while they are awaiting purchase. Who do you think installs all of these misting sprinklers and adjusts the cold temperature of the mist to keep the produce fresh? It is the combo system of cooling and watering that is installed by a plumber, of course.

​Condensation Removal from Air Conditioners

Some types of air conditioning systems require some plumbing so that excess condensation in the system can drain out on its own. The plumbing is installed by a plumber, even though the rest of the system may be installed by an HVAC technician. The two might be one and the same, or the two professionals may work side by side when installing an air conditioning system. Additionally, if there are blockages in the line, the plumber may be consulted by the HVAC technician in regards to repairs. 

Yard Sprinklers and House Sprinklers

Yards need watering. Houses on fire need the fires extinguished. In both cases, the plumber will install all of the pipes needed indoors for your fire sprinklers to distribute cold water on fires and pipes outdoors to cool and water your hot, thirsty lawn. If something goes wrong with either system, the plumber is the one to fix it.