Home Remodeling Myths and Misconceptions

Justin Ross

When a homeowner is looking at their options for revitalizing their home or creating their ideal living space, a major remodeling project may be necessary. Despite the numerous benefits that remodeling can provide, many homeowners have enough misinformation to be discouraged from starting this project or they may be more likely to make mistakes during it. Below are some common myths about home remodels. 

Additions to the Building Are the Only Way to Add More Interior Space

Having more space inside the home can be one of the main goals for a remodeling project. However, homeowners may automatically assume that this will require additions to be made to the structure. Luckily, this is not always necessary since many homes have an interior design that wastes a lot of space. For example, there may be unnecessary interior walls, cabinets or other obstacles that are taking up a surprising amount of space in your home. By addressing these inefficiencies, you may find that your home's interior is far larger than you had originally thought.

It Is Impossible to Move a Load Bearing Wall

Many of the walls in a home are load bearing, and this essentially means that these walls help support and distribute the weight of the home. Incorrectly removing or otherwise modifying one of these walls can have dire consequences for the home. However, an experienced home remodeling contractor will likely be experienced with moving loading bearing walls. To do this, additional support beams will need to be installed to compensate for the removal of the wall. While removing a load bearing wall can be a complicated and expensive project, it is usually possible.

Major Home Renovations Always Result in Decreased Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency problems are another common complaint that homeowners will have about their property. Luckily, a home remodeling project can represent the perfect opportunity for you to make energy-saving upgrades to the house. This can include replacing the appliances with more energy efficient models and adding insulation or weatherstripping to drafty areas. Additionally, some homeowners will want to rearrange the ducting and vents in their home to help improve circulation as this can reduce the energy the air conditioning system will need to use.

There Are No Practical Benefits of Working with an Interior Designer during Your Remodeling Project

Homeowners will often find the process of designing their remodeling project to be overwhelming and highly stressful. In addition to concerns about making potentially costly design mistakes, individuals will often lack the experience to know how to get the best results from this process. Working with an interior designer will allow you to easily and efficiently create an interior design that will allow you to achieve your remodeling goals while avoiding many potential issues.

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