Use A Hint Of Glamor When Remodeling Your Master Bathroom

Justin Ross

Have you always wished that your master bathroom contained glamorous decor and amenities that will help you feel like a pampered celebrity and encourage you to take the time to tweak your appearance each day? Achieve the desired outcome by remodeling your bathroom with some upgrades that won't require much manpower or time.

Choose Your Lighting

Lighting can drastically change the appearance of the bathroom and add a hint of romanticism or vibrancy, depending on the light or lamp style and the wattage that you select.

If you like crystal chandeliers or lighting that contains designs and sparkly accents, purchase a lamp that contains a lighting apparatus that is covered with faux glass pieces or an overhead light that contains a distinct border that outlines a multifaceted glass surface. Choose the bulb wattage based upon the amount of light that you would like each new light or lamp to produce.

Celebrities tend to sit in front of mirrors that are outlined with individual bulbs. Recreate this look by purchasing a strip of bulbs that are mounted to a wooden or plastic surface. Use a handheld drill and hardware to install an overhead light in the center of the ceiling and a strip of bulbs over the center of the bathroom's vanity mirror.

Add A Portable Counter

If you like having all of your beauty products right at your fingertips, a portable counter that contains suction cups along its sides can be used to hold your bath products while you are laying back inside of a tubful of fragrant bubbles.

The counter type should be consistent with the colors that you have used to decorate your bathroom and should contain small indented sections on its surface so that your beauty items stay put while you are soaking your worries away. Insert the counter in the central part of the bathtub.

Buy a new bath set that includes an eye mask, bath beads, shampoo, conditioner, and a loofah sponge. During each bathing experience, utilize some or all of the lighting that you have added during the remodeling process so that your bath experience matches your mood. 

Create A Foot Soak And Nail Station

Purchase a patent leather-covered chair and matching ottoman. Place the furnishings along one of the room's walls. These furnishings can be used while sipping your morning coffee, reading the paper, and soaking your feet in a warm basin.

When you would like to paint your nails, move the ottoman out of the way and place a lightweight table in front of the chair. Use the table's surface to store nail polish, nail clippers, cuticle cream, and clear finishes.