Factors Affecting The Construction Of A Water Well Building

Justin Ross

Soon after a new water well is placed in service, a protective structure needs to be built to cover the top of the well. The pump may be positioned deep underground, but there are other components next to the wellhead that needs protection from the elements. Most water well buildings are custom built, so a bit of planning is necessary to arrive at the most effective structural design.

There is some degree of flexibility in the placement of water well system components. For practical reasons, however, the pump switch and the water tank are usually located as close to the water well as practical. A typical water well building is fairly small. You only need enough ceiling height in a water well building to clear the top of the water tank.

Design requirements

The basic function of a water well building is to provide protection from rain and freezing weather. Even a small building needs a slanted roof to ensure that rainfall is quickly diverted away from the structure. Also, include some type of entrance door so you can access the interior whenever necessary. The walls of a water well building should be insulated, but insulation alone may not be enough to completely prevent freezing.

Winter temperatures

An insulated water well building normally retains some heat for several hours each night. As long as temperatures adequately rebound the following morning, water is likely to continue flowing. However, continuous subfreezing temperatures for days at a time may deplete a water well building of stored heat. One solution to prevent interior freezing is to install a light bulb inside the building.

Incandescent light bulb heat

A light bulb can be connected to the same electrical wires that deliver power to the aboveground switch for the well pump. Because of the insulation and small size of a water well building, the heat from an incandescent bulb can increase the interior temperature. Your water well contractor can also install a switch to make it convenient for you to turn on the light bulb during periods of sustained subfreezing temperatures.

Weather protection is essential, but you may want to consider the exterior appearance of your water well building. If the structure is in plain sight, you can add more decorative trim to increase its aesthetic appeal. A protective structure should be in place before the first rain following the completion of a water well. Contact a drilling company like Jackson Well Services to learn more about the construction of a water well building.