Are You Building A New Home?

Justin Ross

Have you always dreamed of building your own home? Perhaps you never intended to do that, but you couldn't find just what you wanted when you went house shopping. It could be that you want a one-of-a-kind look that only building your own home will deliver. You may not even know exactly what you want, and you know that a home builder could more than likely help you to decide that. For whatever reason you have decided that you want to have your home built, from doing home design research to selecting the site for your home, here are some ideas that might help you.

Do Your Research - Before even contacting a home builder, do some studying on your own. Think of going to the library to browse through home building books. It might be both fun and helpful to look at books that have famous homes in them, say governor's mansions and Texas ranch homes. Write down ideas that you get from your research, maybe even taking pictures with your cell phone that you can later refer to. Look at home decorating magazines, too. Search out unique features that draw your attention. For example, you might find a picture that has a circular window in the entry way of a particular house. If you like that look, cut the picture out so that you can show it to the home builder. Perhaps you will see a gorgeous tile floor design that inspires you. Save that, too.

Find A Builder - As you talk to friends and as you drive through different neighborhoods, find out the names of home builders that have built a name for themselves because of their excellent work. When you have chosen your home builder, this is the time to have a meeting so that you can discuss everything you want and so you can get ideas from the builder. Show him or her all of the pictures you have gathered and share the ideas that you have written down. Then ask the builder to show you how the looks you like can be incorporated in the creation of a house that is built exactly for you and your family. For example, when you show the builder the picture of the tile floor you admired, he or she might suggest that you use that very type of design in your entry way or on a patio floor. In other words, work with your builder so that your ideas and the builder's ideas can be combined to create a home you will enjoy for many years.

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