How To Install A Rolled Bamboo Fence On An Existing Fence

Justin Ross

If you want to add more privacy to an existing fence,  consider installing a rolled bamboo fence. Bamboo holds up well, and it is a renewable source, which makes it eco-friendly. Rolled fencing comes in rolls of small split canes or  reeds tied together that install without the use of posts. Install rolled bamboo fencing over an existing fence by following this guide.

Prepare to Install the Fence

To install the fence, gather:

  • work gloves 
  • tape measure 
  • level
  • hammer
  • two-inch and three-inch galvanized nails
  • galvanized screws
  • galvanized wire ties
  • wire cutters 
  • pliers
  • two-by four lumber for horizontal support rails (optional)
  • roll fencing 

Take measurements of the existing fence you intend to cover, and divide this figure by the length of the roll. Bamboo fence rolls typically measure ten to twenty-five feet. 

When you shop for panels, split-bamboo rolls are stronger than full reed. Existing fences need horizontal supports to keep the fence sturdy during strong winds. If it lacks supports, attach two-by-fours to the top and bottom of the posts with the two-inch nails, and use three-inch nails at the ends.

Install the Panels on Chain Link Fences

Get an assistant to help unroll and install large panels. Unroll the first panel at one fence end, and pull it snugly against the existing fence to hide it, if applicable. Keep the panels lifted an inch from the ground to prevent rot.

To install the panels on an existing chain link fence, Insert the wire between the splits in the bamboo, pull it around the chain-link, tie it on the non-visible side. Pull the wire ends with pliers to tie them, if needed.

Clip extra wiring with the wire cutters, and push the ends back through the holes to prevent injury. Alternate the wires every foot at the top and bottom. Install additional panels in the same manner, checking for evenness with the level. You may need to install two or three ties in the panels. 

Secure the test of the rolls in the same manner. It isn't necessary to attach the ends of the panels when you start a new roll.

Install Panels on Wood Fences

To install the panels on a wood fence, get an assistant to hold the panels while you drill a hole in the two by top two by four support and the bamboo panel. beginning at the upper corner. 

Space the next hole twelve inches on the lower, and alternate drilling holes to the end of the fence. Secure the panels to the fence with screws, but don't over tighten to avoid cracking the bamboo. Contact a company like Hufnagel Landscaping Inc for more help.