Listing Your Home For Sale? Hire A Plumber For These Tasks First

Justin Ross

Seeking the help of a handful of licensed contractors is often a good idea before you attempt to sell your home. While the specific contractors you'll want to hire depend on the issues facing the residence, you can't often go wrong by hiring a plumber to tackle some projects for you. The plumber's work can clear up any potential issues that could scare some prospective buyers away, as well as improve the overall feel of the rooms that have plumbing fixtures. This, in turn, can help you get more money for your home, and possibly even sell it quicker. Here are some plumbing repairs that would be better left handled by local contractors. 

Replace Any Outdated Fixtures

In many cases, having your plumber replace any outdated fixtures—even if they're functional—can make the rooms inside your home look more modern. This can be a desirable feature for people who may wish to buy it. Projects to undertake include replacing the kitchen and bathroom faucets, as well as updating the sink in the master bathroom to appear more contemporary. The plumber can also replace an outdated showerhead with a new one that gives the shower more of a spa-like feeling.

Ensure All Outdoor Taps Work

When people visit your home, they'll often check on the functionality of various indoor and outdoor elements. This can help them determine whether work will be needed if they were to buy the home. In some homes, people do not use their outdoor taps, which means that they can become rusted and non-functional over time. If you're in this situation, have your plumber repair or replace each of the outdoor taps around the perimeter of your home. If a prospective buyer tests these taps, he or she will be pleased with the result.

Replace Your Hot Water Heater

One of the things that prospective home buyers will frequently check is the age and condition of a home's hot water heater. If it's old or looks in poor shape, the buyers will know that this device will need to be replaced soon—which can be costly for them. It's better to have your plumber do this work in advance, if it's needed. This can be a favorable sight for people visiting the home, and even potentially help you get more value from the home in the sale. For example, a buyer will offer less money if he or she knows that the hot water heater needs to be replaced. When the heater is new, the offer should be higher.