Benefits Of Hollow Metal Doors

Justin Ross

Known for their ruggedness and durability, hollow metal doors, which are typically constructed of steel or stainless steel, may outlast their wood counterparts. Not only are hollow metal doors made to last, they can give your home or any other space a industrial, modern look. Here are some benefits to choosing hollow metal door over other types:

1. Strength

 Hollow metal doors are generally made of a thick slabs of steel, which gives them their stand-out strength and stability. Another thing that adds to the doors' durability is that their faces don't feature any seams or joints, as all of the welded points are made along the edges. This also gives this type of metal door a smooth, sleek look. 

One other feature that contributes to hollow metal doors' durability is that they are made to stand up to environmental stresses, such as heat, water and humidity, well. Elements that may effect natural wood doors won't degrade the metal doors as quickly.

Hollow metal doors also resist warping, a structural problem that can inhibit them from functioning properly. 

2. Security

If your home has hollow metal doors, you can feel extra safe and secure since they are made to resist dangers such as bullets and fire depending on what type you purchase. These tamper-proof doors are often used in prisons, schools, banks courthouses, airports, military offices and other buildings that call for a high level of security and protection.

If you don't need that high level of protection, you can choose hollow doors featuring a simple polystyrene core, which is known for its insulation value. Other hollow metal door cores include rigid stiffened steel and a paper and resin material similar to what was used in military aircraft wings.

3. Style

Safety and durability aside, hollow metal doors can give your home a streamlined, up-to-date look. If you decorate your home with a lot of black, silver, gray and other contemporary colors, the steel doors may be ideal for you. They will also complement urban converted warehouse apartments featuring cement floors, beams and ceiling accents well. 

If wood doors are more your style but you desire the strength of hollow metal doors, you're in luck. Some door manufacturers give the steel a natural wood grain finish for the look of real oak. After the doors are constructed, the wood grain pattern is embossed into the steel and finished with a clear top coat for protection.