4 Ways That Commercial Roofing Can Be Improved With Modern Materials For More Savings

Justin Ross

The days of old heavy asphalt roofing for commercial business are over, and today, modern materials like foam roofing and synthetic membranes replace these old materials. These materials can also be used for improvements to help reduce energy and repair costs. If you are considering improvements for you commercial roofing, here are some ways that modern roofing materials can benefit your roof:  

1. Replacing Old Heavy Asphalt With Modern Foam Or Membrane Roofing

Commercial roofs often have old, heavy asphalt roofing. If you are looking for affordable improvements and it is time to replace your roof, consider alternatives to the asphalt, such as foam and membrane roofing solutions. These materials can be more affordable, installed quickly and provide your business with more energy efficiency.

2. Give Your Business A Light Weight Roofing Solution With EPDM Membrane Materials

Another improvement that you may want to consider for your business is to install an EPDM roofing membrane. This is a rubber like material, which is light-weight and can come in light colors that reflect heat to help keep your business cool. This can be a good solution for light weight construction of a new building for your business or if you are planning on doing extensive renovations to your building.

3. Correct Water Traps And Leaks Using A Foam Coating To Improve An Existing Roof

Since most commercial buildings have flat roofs, one of the common problems that they have is water traps that can eventually lead to leaks. To prevent these problems, foam roofing can be used to create a better roof design that keeps water out of corners where it can eventually find its way into your business. These improvements can be used on most types of commercial roofing materials used on flat roofs.

4. Extend The Life Of A Roof With A Foam Layer And A Durable Roof Coating

You may also want to extend the life of your roof, which can be done with solutions like foam roofing and roof coatings. These materials can often be installed over an existing roof to give it more life and ensure that it lasts for many more years. The foam roofing layer can also provide businesses with more insulation, which can be good for commercial buildings that have refrigeration and help to reduce energy consumption.

These are some of the ways modern roofing materials can benefit you when it comes to having repairs and replacements done. If you are ready to start cutting costs of your business, contact a roofing contractor (click here to investigate) and talk with them about some of these improvements using modern materials.