A Couple Of Common Boiler Problems

Justin Ross

A boiler is a common device used to provide homes with heat and hot water, and while these devices are often extremely reliable, it is possible for them to encounter performance compromising issues. For many homeowners, addressing these problems can be challenging due to a lack of experience with or information about these devices. Learning the following answers to questions concerning common boiler issues will help you to be better prepared when these issues strike your house.

How Can A Leaking Boiler Be Repaired?

Leaks are an issue that can both compromise the performance of the boiler and lead to water damage to the home. If you have noticed your boiler has developed this problem, it may seem like the only way to repair this issue will be to replace the boiler. Fortunately, this is not necessarily the only option to repair this damage. Depending on the size and position of the leak, it may be possible to have a contractor seal it. This is done by draining the boiler and soldering the hole closed. While this can be a highly effective way of repairing this damage, it is not a viable option for large leaks. As a result, you will need to have the damage inspected by a professional boiler repair technician to determine your best option.

What Is Causing A Decrease In Water Temperature?

Over the time that you own the boiler, you may notice that the temperature or the amount of hot water has dramatically decreased. This particular problem can occur for a couple of reasons. One of the more simple causes may be an accumulation of sediment in the boiler. When this problem arises, sediment and mineral deposits from the water will gather on the heating elements, which can prevent them from effectively warming the water. Luckily, repairing this type of damage is relatively simple because it will only be necessary to drain the boiler before emptying out these substances. Most boilers will have a hatch that can be released to allow access to the inside of the tank, which will allow you to quickly scrape these substances out of the interior of the tank.

Unfortunately, a failure of the heating elements can be one of the more serious issues because it will have to be replaced in order to repair the problem. Due to the fact that this may require disassembling much of the boiler, you should always have a professional repair technician perform this work to avoid accidentally causing further damage to the boiler.

Understanding the steps for addressing some of the more routine issues that a boiler may encounter will allow you to be better prepared if you encounter these issues. Contact a professional from a company like Vowel Plumbing & Heating if you find that you need help.