Do You Need Basement Waterproofing? Look For These 5 Signs

Justin Ross

If you plan on finishing your basement to turn it into a nice living space, you need to think about getting your basement waterproofed before moving forward with construction. Thankfully, there are some ways to check if you need to have professional waterproofing done. Look for these 5 signs.

Pooled Water

An obvious sign that you are having foundation problems is when water pools in your home's basement after a rainfall. It could be happening because of a problem as simple as the ground not being properly graded around your home. The rain will eventually soak through the ground until it reaches a weak spot in your foundation, as opposed to running off towards the street. In this situation, you'll need a professional to re-grade the land around your home and to look for how water is getting in through the foundation.


Mildew or mold can be a sign that there are issues with moisture in the basement. One possible reason could be a water pipe that is leaking behind a floor or wall, causing condensation to build on the inside. Any problem with leaking water must be fixed before you can have professional waterproofing done, or else water will just continue to build up on the opposite side of a sealed wall.

Dark or Wet Spots

You should also be looking for dark or wet spots on interior walls in the basement. This could be a sign that the foundation has a crack that is letting water get into your home. A professional can come inspect the crack for you, let you know if it is a reason to be concerned, and come up with a plan to repair the damage. Once the crack is fixed, waterproofing can then be done to seal the wall.

Window Water Lines

Your basement windows are supposed to be water tight, but they shouldn't be collecting water in them when it rains. Look for visible water lines across your basement windows, which is a sign that water is collecting in the window well. It could mean that the water is not draining properly from the window well, which would require help to repair it.


Even if you cannot see any visible indications that water is getting into your basement, you can most likely smell it. A basement is not supposed to smell musty, and is a clear sign that water is getting in somewhere that you cannot spot.

If you notice any of these signs, have a professional waterproofing company, like State Wide Waterproofing, investigate the problem for you.