How To Easily Fix A Scratched Fiberglass Tub

Justin Ross

If you have a scratch on your fiberglass tub, you can fix it on your own. However, this is not a do-it-yourself job for a beginner; it is a job for someone who has a certain degree of experience doing repair jobs. You also need to budget an entire afternoon for this project. Here is how to fix a scratched fiberglass bathtub.

Remove The Hardware

The first thing you need to do is remove the hardware from the bathtub. You should be able to use a Phillips screwdriver to remove all the hardware from the tub.  Place all the hardware from the bathtub into a plastic bag, label it and set it aside somewhere safe.

Remove The Caulking

Next, you will need to removal all the caulking from around the edges of your tub. The easiest way to do that is to apply a caulk remover substance to the caulking around your tub. Then, use a utility knife to loosen the caulking and pull it up. You can also use pliers to remove the caulking. You should be able to pull off the caulking in strips. 

Wipe Down The Bathtub

Use a damp sponge to wipe down the bathtub and remove any left over bits of caulking, as well as any dirt or grim that has accumulated in the bathtub. Then, dry the tub using a lint-free cloth.

Sand The Tub

Use a sander with 220-grit sandpaper on the entire surface of the bathtub. This will allow you to refinish the entire tub and take care of all the cracks at the same time. It will be easier for the refinishing compound to stick to the tub after you sand the it. After you have finished sanding, clean up the dust using a tack cloth. A tack cloth is a special cloth that is treated with a tacky material that picks up fine dust really well. 

Apply Chemicals

You are going to need a fiberglass refinishing kit for the next steps. Take the first chemical in the kit and apply them to the tub. Use a lint-free cloth, such as a microfiber cloth, to apply the chemicals. Follow the manufacture instructions for drying time. If it is really damp or rainy the day you do this project, you may need to add in extra drying time.

After it dries, sand down the tub again using 240-grit sandpaper, wipe it with a tack cloth, and rinse away any remaining residue with warm water. 

Next, add the second chemical in the fiberglass kit over the entire tub. Use a new cloth to apply the second chemical. Let this chemical completely dry. 

Deal With The Scratches

Now you need to deal with the scratches. In order to make the cracks stand out, apply some primer reducer to the surface of your tub. It has a substance it that will make the cracks stand up.

Fill all the cracks on your tub with the filler inside of your fiberglass repair kit. You will need to use a rubber spatula or scraper to apply the filler material. Allow the filler to completely dry. Then, sand down the tub again and wipe it clean with a tacky kit.

Then, apply another layer of primer reducer to the tub and allow it to dry. 

Re-coat The Tub

Now you need to mix together the epoxy-based coating that is inside of your kit. Once the coating substance is ready, apply it using slow, sweeping motions across your tub. You will need to apply at least three coats to your tub and you need to allow each coat to dry before applying the next layer. 

Once the last layer has been applied, you will need to caulk the tub again and put the hardware back in place. 

You can fix all the scratches in your fiberglass tub by following the steps above. This job requires a lot of sanding, and will require a lot of wait time in between each application of chemicals, filler and the epoxy-based coating. If you have questions, contact a company like O L Willard Co.