Maximizing Efficiency With Minimal Waste - Additional Options In Materials Handling

Justin Ross

When most people think of the material handling industry, they think of heavy duty lifting equipment and the relocating of major pieces of heavy machinery. However, your material handling service may be able to offer you a wide variety of additional services that can enhance your business's efficiency and guarantee that you can move forward with confidence and new options. 

Below, you'll find a guide to some of those services that can allow you to expand your use of material handling equipment. Expanding your use of these services will allow you to develop a more effective relationship with your service, and can also provide you with the push you need to expand your company in new and exciting directions.

Storage One of the biggest challenges facing many small businesses is adequate storage space. Keeping a high inventory while also keeping your real estate costs low can be extremely difficult, and even important information like customer records can take up a great deal of space that may limit your company's efficiency.

Many material handling companies also offer off-site storage and can transport items for you. Taking advantage of this service will allow you to expand your reach to additional customers, and also has the potential to allow you to even downsize your current space if you're looking for further places to make cuts.


If storage is the biggest concern for small businesses, packing and shipping are not far behind. The modern economy demands responsiveness and rapid shipping, and you can find yourself with very disappointed and restless customers if your distribution model is suffering because of the size of your operation.

Allowing your material handling firm to take over your packing and shipping duties is an efficient way to shift that burden while still feeling confident that a reliable and effective job will be completed. Outsourcing non-central tasks such as packing is a phenomenal way to keep your workforce focused and your company streamlined.


If the time comes for you to relocate your company, looking for a commercial mover can be a waste of time if you already have a relationship with a reliable material handling firm. Trusting your move to your material handlers (such as those from Tri State Surplus Co) will guarantee easy communication and the same level of customer service that you've grown accustomed to, and can also allow you to benefit from their expertise in establishing a new work flow that will maximize productivity and profitability.