Four Tips To Help You Save Money When You Need A Roof Replacement

Justin Ross

Asphalt shingles have a shorter lifespan than many other roofing materials. This means that they will eventually need to be replaced. When you need to have your roof replaced, it can include many extras, such as tearing off old shingles and repairing wood. Here are some tips to help you keep the cost of your roof replacement down:

1. Tearing Off Your Own Shingles

To reduce the cost replacing your shingles, you can do the tear-off yourself. If you have a low pitched roof, this is an easy task. You will need to have the tools and materials to get the shingles off. This includes hammers, pry bars and shovels to tear off the roof. You will also want to rent a container for the debris and get construction plastic to keep the mess contained.

2. Doing Your Own Structural Repairs

There are also going to be repairs to the structure that need to be done. If there were any roof leaks before, you will want to replace decking materials. This can be done by getting a piece of plywood the same thickness as your decking. Wherever there is rot, cut the decking out on the rafters and cut a piece of plywood to patch the decking back in. If there are rotted rafters, a block of wood can be used to patch the damage, but for serious problems, you may want to have a structural engineer look at the problem. This is usually when a main support rafter is damaged.

3. Improving The Roofing Underlayment And Flashing

There is also the underlayment of your roofing, which you can also install yourself or have a professional do for you. When you do this, consider upgrading the materials. Use modern moisture barriers and add a rubber membrane to areas that need flashing. This will help prevent future leaks and help you get more life out of your new roof.

4. Using Roofing Materials That Help You Save Money  

There are also roofing materials that can help you save money. Lighter colored roofing materials can reflect heat and reduce cooling costs. You can also use asphalt shingle alternatives; many of these synthetic materials can last longer than asphalt, saving you on the cost of future roof replacements.

These are some tips to help you keep the costs of your roof replacement down. If you are ready to have your shingles replaced, contact a roofing contractor such as Lifetime Exteriors and talk with them about helping you with your roof problems.