Tips For Stylish Bathroom Vanities

Justin Ross

The vanity often serves as the focal point of your bathroom's décor. Indeed, remodeling or replacing your bathroom's vanity goes a long way to giving the room a whole new look. As you plan your new bathroom, or a bathroom remodel, consider stylish options for the vanity.

Choose Granite

Granite is a common material for kitchen countertops but is sometimes under-utilized in bathroom vanities. Yet the very qualities that make granite ideal for the kitchen transfer to the bathroom vanity – it's durable and relatively maintenance-free.

Better Homes and Gardens points out that granite also offers numerous design options in coloring, pattern and finish. With a humid environment, a high gloss finish is probably preferable, and it also reflects light back into the space. The edging depends on the overall style of the bathroom, with bull-nose or beveled edges being more appropriate for traditional or vintage looks. An eased edge looks attractive in any style.

If you have specific questions about options for granite vanities, contact a contractor like A. Padilla Marble, Inc.

Install a Floating Vanity

If your bathroom looks cramped or cluttered, consider installing a floating vanity. A floating vanity is installed directly to the wall and leaves space underneath. Because of this, such a vanity increases the visual space in a bathroom.

Convert Furniture

Converting a dresser into a bathroom vanity is another stylish update. A dresser-style vanity adds a vintage, even glamorous charm to your bathroom. Look for a dresser with delicate legs and attractive detailing to further promote the elegant appeal.

Add a Vessel Sink

Whether you choose a floating vanity or converted furniture, a vessel sink is an eye-catching addition. Vessel sinks come in various colors and materials to match any décor. So, for example, if you have a converted dresser, opt for a vessel sink in vintage porcelain. For a sleek floating vanity, consider one of the geometric options available. Play with color in your granite topper by either matching or complementing the base hue in the material.

Get Creative with Storage

Storage is the big bugaboo in bathroom design — there never seems to be enough or the right kind. As you plan for your bathroom vanity, consider creative solutions to the storage problem. For instance, a large cabinet with diagonal shelves provides an appealing solution for towel storage. If you're having a floating vanity installed, consider sliding several stylish baskets underneath to hold your essentials. With a converted dresser, utilize detailed wooden cabinets to keep the vintage vibe going.

Granite countertops, converted furniture and creative storage are some of the ways you can add style to your bathroom vanity.