Tips For Kitchen Remodeling On A Budget

Justin Ross

Have you renovated some of your home, but now your kitchen remodeling funds are running low? Are you looking for ways to upgrade your kitchen without breaking your budget? Do you hope to save money on your kitchen remodeling so that you still have enough money for other improvement projects? Here are some tips to help your kitchen look like a million bucks without spending a ton of money:

Paint counter tops instead of replacing them: Are your laminate counter tops structurally intact, but woefully out of style? If you cringe every time you have to cut an apple on the faux butcher block or your neon orange counters make you feel like you should wear bell bottoms and love beads when you prepare a meal, painting your counter tops may be the solution you're looking for. Well-kept but ugly counters can be given a brand new look by painting them with a counter top painting kit. Before starting, fill in small dings with wood putty and sand with a fine-grit sandpaper. Once the putty has cured, follow the enclosed instructions on the kit to give the laminate a fresh, new look without having to remove or replace any surfaces. 

Add unique accents: Instead of buying new drawer knobs and door pulls, use your creativity to add a unique look to your cabinets. If you're a crochet whiz, crochet some colorful covers for your existing knobs. If you prefer a nautical look, drill 3/8 inch holes in the drawers, thread through manila rope cut to fit, and secure them by knotting the backs. If you want to add steampunk to your kitchen, thread a bolt through a metal sewing bobbin and large washer, and fasten it all with a nut on the inside of the cabinet door. 

Modify your lighting: You don't need a full kitchen remodeling project to update your kitchen's lighting. Hire a professional (such as Bob Carroll Building Contractor) add a variable dimmer switch so that you can change the brightness of your existing lights. However, If your heart is set on changing your fixtures, consider making your own. Create a pendant light with a lamp cord kit from a hobby store and an unused blender pitcher. Thread the electric through the hole in the blender, turn it upside down, and it's ready to be suspended from your ceiling. You may also want to drill a hole through a colorful colander and use it as an interesting lamp shade. Make your own chandelier by drilling holes in the handles of your old flatware and using jewelry jump rings or small split hoops to connect them to the edge of a metal steam basket. If you're not familiar with electricity, hire a professional to connect your creations to your existing kitchen wiring.