3 Golden Rules Of Window Replacement

Justin Ross

When it comes to glass replacement, you need to be sure that you are able to get the best quality service that you need out of your new windows. There are some strategies you'll need to understand when it comes to getting the best window replacement that you can afford-- not only for your enjoyment now, but also for years of longevity. To that end, read this guide, so that you know you are getting the best replacement windows for your money. 

#1: Think About The Frame, Not Just The Window

While the glass is the prime focus of window replacement, the new glass is useless without a solid, quality frame. One of the biggest issues that people face with their homes is a window frame that is rotting and decaying. This will eventually cause your glass to warp, crack or break and compromises the durability of your entire window. This repair can cost anywhere between $90 and $700 from a professional contractor, depending on how badly the surrounding frame is rotted out. 

#2: Buy Your Windows For Energy Efficiency

You'll need to kill two birds with one stone when buying windows -- make sure that they look great, but that they also keep your home energy efficient. Energy efficient windows will let you enjoy lower utility bills and a more comfortable home. When shopping for energy efficient windows, you'll need to look at factors such as visible transmittance, which explains how much light your window takes in. You'll also need to consider u-factor, which is an indicator of the window's heat retention. These factors are critically important to the comfort of your home and the overall usefulness of your new windows. 

#3: Get A Service Warranty On Any New Window Purchase

If you are going to spend your hard earned money on installing new windows, be sure that you back up that purchase with a service warranty. These warranties cover repairs and maintenance on your windows for a certain period of time, and can also cover complete window replacements, no questions asked. These warranties let you enjoy your windows to the fullest, since your investment is backed by a guarantee of coverage, laid out in writing. 

Consider these three valuable nuggets of information, so that you can replace your old windows and get the most out of your new ones. For more information on windows and glass, talk to a company like Jesse's Tri-City Glass & Mirror Inc.