Understanding The Electrical Requirements Of Your New Spa And Your Home's Electrical Breaker Panel

Justin Ross

If you are in the process of purchasing a new spa for your family to enjoy in your home's backyard, then you will need to hire a licensed electrical contractor to come out to your home and hard-wire the spa's electrical system into the breaker panel. Additionally, your home may require an electrical panel upgrade to accommodate the added electrical needs of the spa. 

Residential Electrical Breaker Panel Basics

Every home that is connected to the commercial power grid has a breaker panel. The purpose of the breaker panel unit is to provide a means to feed power to the various parts of your home. In addition, the panel holds breakers which act as emergency shut-off valves for the power in the case of an emergency, or in times where it is necessary to manually turn off the power to a certain location in your home. An example of this is turning off the breaker serving power to your water heater so that you can drain it for replacement. 

The electrical panel in your home is simply a metal frame attached to the wall, typically located inside of a closet or in your garage. Inset into the panel are breakers. The breakers are designed to automatically kill the power at the source when a problem is detected at an outlet or appliance. This simple device keeps your home from burning down from an electrical fire.

Spa Hard-Wiring 

Due to the dangerous combination of electrical parts and water, spas require a special 220 volt, hard-wired connection into the electrical panel in your home. This is a connection that is illegal to make yourself unless you happen to be a licensed electrical contractor. This is never a DIY project.

Breaker Panel Upgrades

It is important to note that if you own an older home, then it is entirely possible that the electrical panel will not have any extra breakers where the spa can be connected. If this is the case, then an electrical contractor like Attaboy Electric Service LLC will need to upgrade your home's breaker panel with a larger model. This is a straightforward repair.


You and your family will build many wonderful memories of times spent soaking in your new spa. While the electrical needs of the new spa are more complicated than simply plugging a plug into an electrical outlet, this electrical job is a simple one for an licensed electrical contractor to complete.