Ideas For Garden Accents

Justin Ross

In a garden, terra cotta pots, garden umbrellas with tables and beautiful wooden benches are always stylish. But you can choose to update your current garden elements to create a more modern look. Modern gardens offer a stylized, sleek and organized appearance, while at the same time providing the many comforts and pleasures that come with outdoor living. Although most accents used in modern gardens have design elements in common, it really is up to you to create a look that fits your personality and tastes.

So, use your imagination when choosing colors and materials:

Shapes with a Modern Flare

Modern accents for a garden, whether it's a picnic table, birdhouse, or flower pot, focus on shapes and lines. In particular, you should use geometric shapes like circles, triangles and rectangles or geometric-based lines or patterns.

For instance, rather than adding an ordinary picnic table to your garden or yard, consider selecting a table with a tabletop board that has interesting designs on it, such as wavy lines. Or, instead of selecting a flower pot with a fussy, intricate design, pick one with no decoration and straight, well-defined sides.

Materials for a Modern Look

Scrap metal, durable plastic, concrete, bright paint and salvaged wood can all play a role in modern garden accents. For instance, a barbecue bowl that has been discarded can be transformed into a planter with a bit of bright orange or blue paint. In the same way, a steel plow disc can be turned into a birdbath once welded to pipes. Just about any garden accent can be given a more modern feel simply by applying a new, bright paint shade to it. Popular modern paint colors include red, purple, pink, blue and yellow.

Updating Larger Accents

By updating larger accents, you modernize your garden space more quickly. For instance, you could add a backyard cabana with clean, modern lines or use beach stones and pebbles to replace mulch. Also, a modern garden fence can serve both as a boarder and a design accent. To make your fence, consider using galvanized or salvaged steel, gabion walls or horizontal boards.

Using Plants as Accents

In a modern garden, not only do plants help to create the landscape, they can also serve as attractive accents. Succulents are very popular garden accents and are used in many different ways. From hanging plants on walls using mesh frames to growing them in containers built into garden tables, the only real guide should be your imagination.

An excellent choice for modern accents, which also produce a dramatic effect, are ornamental grasses. These grasses are typically grown in the ground or in fairly large containers. To learn more, contact a company like The Hilltop Landscape Architects & Contractors for help.