Does Your Hardwood Sound Like A Squeak Toy? Here Are Some Easy Ways To Fix It

Justin Ross

If you're like most people, you love the look of your hardwood floors. However, if you're waking up at night to get a glass of water and the floor squeaks, you might not like them so much, especially if you're waking the rest of the house. This guide demonstrates how to stop hardwood floors from sounding like a squeak toy whether you have a basement or not.

For Homes With a Basement

If you're home has a basement, have someone walk around on the hardwood while you're in the basement looking for the spot of the noise. When you find it, you will likely notice that a nail is loose, creating a gap between the hardwood and the subfloor. It is the loose nail creating the squeak.

Use a drill to screw in small wood screws around the area. Be careful not to screw in too far or use long screws. Otherwise, the pointy end of the screw will stick out of the floor, creating a foot injury hazard.

If you don't see any loose nails but notice a gap between the floor and the subfloor, insert a small shim in the gap and nail it in place. Again, be careful not to use nails that will poke out from the floor.  

For Homes Without a Basement

If your home doesn't have a basement, or even a crawlspace to check for loose nails or gaps, nail the floor to the subfloor from the top.

Purchase some long finishing nails and drive them through the floor with a hammer. Place them across from each other at about a 45-degree angle. Obtain some varnish that matches the color of your floor to camouflage the nails.

If the area of the squeak is located under carpet, cut a small line in the carpet just above the squeak with a utility knife. Lift the carpet up a little, and have a friend hold it away from the area. Hammer in the finishing nails and glue down the carpet with carpet adhesive.

While you're repairing a squeaky hardwood floor, check for areas of rotted wood and have these pieces replaced as soon as you can. Consult with your hardwood-flooring professional if you run into any problems with these instructions. Share this with others who love their hardwood floors but aren't sure how to fix squeaks, so they too can get up in the middle of the night without waking the entire house.

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