Different Methods For Revitalizing Your Home's Driveway

Justin Ross

Having an outdated and worn out driveway can make your home less appealing to look at. When you face this problem, you want to find different ways to enhance your driveway without having to replace it. Luckily, you have several methods that allow you to revitalize your home's driveway; you just need to figure out which ones are the best solutions for your needs.

Simple Crack Repair

The most common issue that any driveway has is cracking. These cracks are usually the result of the concrete shifting. Even though you cannot fully prevent your driveway from shifting, you can repair the cracks while they are smaller, so they do not cause larger issues like holes to develop.

When it comes to small crack repair, you have two main options. The first option is an epoxy compound that is injected into the crack. The epoxy fills the void for smaller cracks and it is more durable than the concrete, which makes this a good choice for minor issues.

For cracks that go through to the bottom of your driveway, polyurethane foam is a better choice. The foam will waterproof the crack so that further rainwater and ice cannot damage your driveway further. It is important to note that this type of foam is not suitable for structural repairs, so you need to know the extent of the damage before choosing a repair option.  

Repair Larger Issues

For extensive damage, you need a better way to repair the surface of your driveway. In most cases, you can handle large cracks, holes and flaking by applying a new top layer. This option involves more work, but you still do not have to replace your entire driveway to fix the outdated and damaged surface.

To start, the pavement company will remove any loose debris from the holes and cracks. After these loose particles are gone, the company will clean the driveway so that dirt, pollen or other particulates cannot get into the new layer of concrete.

The last step is for the company to pour a new layer of concrete to smooth out the surface. During this portion, the concrete will also fill in any cracks or holes that exist. You can also choose to update the look of your driveway at the same time by having the company add a color or design to the surface.

When you want to improve your home's driveway but replacing it is not within your budget, you need to look for repair options. Luckily, you will have the ability to find several options that both repairs and enhances the look of your home's current concrete driveway. To learn more, contact a company like S&W Concrete with any questions you have.