Ten Easy Bathroom Upgrades

Justin Ross

If your bathroom is looking outdated, there are some easy things you can do to improve both its functionality and design. Here are ten ideas to get your thoughts flowing. 

1. Change your mirror. Replacing a large, simple mirror with a decorative one can make a big difference. If you don't want to replace it entirely, you can add a beautiful frame to it instead. You can even turn a large mirror into two or three smaller mirrors by gluing wood strips down the center. 

2. Update your metal. If your bathroom has a lot of gold or brass, switch to pewter or bronze. Make sure that all the metal in your bathroom matches, from your faucets to your toilet paper roll. 

3. Reglaze your tub and sink. If they are looking dingy, hire a professional to reglaze them. It is a lot cheaper than buying new ones and they will look new. 

4. Choose a new color palette. Repaint your walls, purchase some new towels, and refinish your wood. If you add a chair rail, you can paint a lighter color above it and a darker color below. 

5. Put in some beadboard paneling. Wainscoting is cheap, easy, and durable. You can buy it at any home improvement store and use liquid nails to attach it to your walls. You can cap it with a ledge if you would like to place some towels, pictures, seashells, or other decorations on the wall. 

6. Upgrade your lighting. Add a beautiful chandelier, canned lighting, or new sconces. Always check to make sure you are compliant with all applicable codes.

7. Buy some LED candles. They turn on with a simple switch and will add romantic lighting to your bathroom without the danger of fire. 

8. Add plantation shutters, new curtains, or a roman shade. If you have a window, reexamine your window covering. Blinds and curtains can get dingy fast, so adding something new can make a big difference.

9. Add storage. You can replace your vanity, add some built-ins, or hang some new cabinets. Your bathroom will look more elegant and organized if you can hide all your toiletries behind doors.

10. Install a shower door. It will protect your bathroom floor better than a shower curtain and will add a modern touch. 

As you update your bathroom, you will find that you feel better in your home and you will enjoy it more. For more information, contact Crist & Sons Contractors, Inc. or a similar company.